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We offer various Medical Services

At GMCClinics in Dubai, our highly experienced doctors provide a complete range of medical services for you and your entire family. Not only do our international team of doctors ensure quality patient care, but also promote general well-being through health awareness programmes.

About Us

Exeter Medical Center was developed to be the first fully specialized musculoskeletal center in the region, providing the highest standard of care in Orthopedics, Neurology, Rheumatology, and other related services.

Exeter Medical Center is supported by a number of world-class surgeons in most musculoskeletal subspecialties, as well as, other medical specialties that we offer.

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    Personalized Treatment

    You will receive a full individualized treatment

    Comfortable Clinic

    Our clinic is extremely comfortable and super relaxing

    Licensed Doctors

    Your treatment will be performed by only licensed doctors.

    Meet Our Doctors

    Dr. Benjamin Samuel
    Dentist Read More
    Dr. Vesela Vasileva
    Physiotherapist Read More
    Dr. Sumaira Nawaz
    Physiotherapist Read More

    No matter the cause of your condition, maybe by accident or from work,
    we welcome the chance to serve you.

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